We build human understanding.

    The result is that we really help you

    discover opportunities that others miss.







    We co-create effective solutions.

    Co-creation involves the whole cross-functional team collaborating with your customers, which means that when you select a winning idea, you can implement fast.






    To drive health and business outcomes.

    We help teams collaborate and innovate more effectively. The result: stronger ideas that merge the needs of your customers and your business.

    • We’re HVL360º, an agile innovation agency
      based in Rotterdam.

      Clients turn to us for a actionable insights, solid co-creation methodologies and proven impact.

    • Co-creating new concepts for growth

      We help you create strategies and concepts for growth. We do it fast and with an entrepreneurial spirit—acting quickly, partnering intelligently, and iteratively improving. Instead of spending 9 to 18 months on sound idea generation, we rather compress that into 1, 2 or 4 months and learn in the real world what is working and what is not.

      Driving agile transformation

      We activate and bring innovation to life through tools, training, teams and tactics.


      The conceptual work of envisioning, articulating, and designing new concepts and strategies is just the beginning. It is the alignment of people and coordinated implementation of activities across the organisation that ultimately brings innovation to life.

      Assembling a 360º view

      We designed a novel approach to bring the full context alive in which a disease and treatment touches patient and HCP's lives.


      The result is that we assemble a 360º view into the world and networks of family, friends, peers and care providers that connect to and support patients. 

      Agile capability

      We run learning and development programs to help teams nurture new ideas, creative capability and more agile innovation practices.

      We all know that the most revolutionary thoughts, ideas and solutions don’t simply leap off of PowerPoint decks. Our highly collaborative and immersive programs ensure people get fully engaged in agile innovation.

      By focusing on the areas that deliver the biggest benefits, and equipping people with a hands-on toolkit, we will make your innovation efforts more productive.

      Driving value through patient services

      Patients are looking for guidance and support from the beginning of their journey, with 65% of patients finding pre-treatment to be the most frustrating period.


      We co-created an omni-channel patient support programme for hepatitis C patients, rolled out in 8 countries across Europe and in Canada.

      Enhancing Patient-HCP interaction

      Due to emotions and complexity a lot of information is not reaching patients. On top of that many patients are dubious of many sources of information and lack information that they can relate to.


      By combining ethnographic research and storytelling we developed a magazine, that supports HCP’s providing their patients with credible, valuable information and support to help people cope with metastatic prostate cancer.

      Including the voice of the customer

      Our co-creation platform enables our clients to collaborate with customers in the innovation process.


      Our platform also entails an app that sends push notifications, allowing customers to upload pictures or videos directly from their phones. In this way we build services that are important to both our clients, their customers and those in need of care.

      Role playing to deep dive

      One of our clients had a pressing need to measure the actual onset of treatment and understand the key drivers behind.


      We employed a series of role-playing exercises to better engage specialists with the survey’s open-ended questions, which focused on the reasons behind treatment onset. Based on these role plays we designed an online survey that provided a deep level of insight into specialists’ thinking and drivers.

      Identifying what is truly relevant 

      We conducted research with specialists and nurses to understand their context and day-to-day challenges. Using data mapping and affinity diagrams we turned these insights into four highly detailed personas including their needs, wants, attitudes, behaviour and channel preference.


      For successful applying these insights to digital we provided content development guidance, detailed tactical plans and practical delivery guidance.

      Activating insights

      We know that the most revolutionary thoughts, ideas and solutions come from people discovering insights for themselves.


      After an ethnographic study we organized a challenge. For a week people received a daily question on their phone, which had to be answered within 15 seconds. This snapchat-like approach provided the optimal way for people to discover insights and get fully engaged.




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